Our Residences

Cornerstones residences are located along the Southern Maine coast.


Although the homes have the same independence model, our Portland homes are optimized for clients who prefer a more immersive city experience. Whether a client starts in either Biddeford or Portland is dependent on a determination made by the admissions team in collaboration with the applicant, their family, and the other professionals involved in the application. 

The program in each of the houses is fundamentally the same, with clients taking part in the process of educational reintegration through classes at local universities and/or employment through local businesses. Our staff in each house is on hand to provide the scaffolding, clinical support, and coaching support needed to enable success in these environments and to address the obstacles that have interfered with success in the past. Additionally, they have numerous programmatic activities scheduled over the course of the week, such as yoga, volunteering, process groups, mindfulness groups, art clubs, and health and wellness groups. Our programmatic activities provide a foundational experience as they contribute to the development of executive functioning and daily living skills that clients need to manage their schedules, become goal-oriented, and develop healthy habits and lifestyles.