Administrative Team

Joshua Altschule, Psy.D.
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Josh is a licensed clinical psychologist who has spent 20+ years specializing in treating and assessing adolescents and young adults in various settings such as residential treatment programs, boarding schools, and private practice. Cornerstones of Maine is a concept that Josh has been working on for the entirety of his career. As a psychologist, he has derived tremendous value from helping individuals reach their potential and overcome mental health issues that have prevented successful independent living.    

Josh has a passion for working with young adults. He also shares a similar fervor for environmental issues and ocean based activities. Prior to his clinical training Josh was an AmeriCorps volunteer in South Florida serving as an interpretive park ranger for the National Park Service. There he developed and implemented environmental educational camps for adolescents from the local communities and inner city areas. He also served as a researcher for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working with endangered sea turtles. Since being in Maine, Josh has also become a familiar face in the surf lineup. This has resulted in numerous surfing outings for our residents over the years.

Jacob Gelles, Psy.D.
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jake is a licensed clinical psychologist who has had extensive experience working in the mental health field as both a therapist and an administrator. As a clinician, Jake has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings with children, adolescents, and adults.  His work has been characterized by the philosophy of meeting each and every individual where they are and helping them achieve the growth they desire. This work uses the integrationist philosophy that incorporates behavior, thinking, and emotional life. His clinical experience has provided him with a strong understanding of what enables an individual to make constructive change in their life and how to activate that change towards growth and goal achievement.

Jake sees Cornerstones of Maine as a new avenue for reaching out to adolescents who need some additional help to reach their potential. Having experienced his own personal struggles as an emerging adult, he intimately understands what it takes to go from being a struggling young adult to being a highly effective and success-oriented adult. He brings those lessons to Cornerstones of Maine so he can help our residents develop the emotional maturity and confidence it takes to reach their goals. Jake also has a passion for cooking, reading, music, and philosophy that he hopes to share. 

Aaron Rumsey, LCPC
Admissions Director

Aaron joined our team in March of 2020. Aaron is a psychotherapist with more than a decade of experience providing direct clinical services to young adults. He has also served as a clinical administrator, more recently at the Oliverian School, where he was the clinical director.  As a clinician, Aaron’s experience has bridged diverse environments including therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs and clinical outpatient and inpatient settings. Aaron’s approach to his clinical work with young people has centered around creating warm, authentic and genuine rapport and connection through active listening. 

Aaron’s current work at Cornerstones of Maine is focused on interviewing applicants and their families to ensure a good fit between candidates and our programmatic work. This is a significant shift from serving as a psychotherapist, but Aaron feels that his past clinical experience will be invaluable in helping families assess whether Cornerstones is the right program for them. 

Aaron is an active participant in outdoor activities with his children (and old “puppy,” Hercules), he values the rejuvenating and balancing power that the relationship with nature can provide. 

McKenzie Close
Human Resources & Administrative Manager

McKenzie joined Cornerstones of Maine in April of 2018 as an Administrative Assistant. Soon after joining the team, McKenzie found her calling in our Human Resources and Administrative department. McKenzie’s current work at Cornerstones of Maine is focused on managing our Administrative Department with a key role in managing Human Resources and the CARF accreditation process. McKenzie has a passion for the work she does and in her free time she can be found reading, birding, boating, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sabrina Marshall
Business Development Manager

Sabrina joined the Cornerstones team in early 2022 as the Administrative Coordinator, bringing with her a diverse background in administration and marketing. Flourishing in creative operations and strategic efforts, Sabrina shifted from her role in administration to marketing & outreach in January 2023. Currently, Sabrina masterfully oversees our integrated marketing efforts, outreach partnerships, and provides support to our Admissions department. Sabrina was born in Canada, raised in Missouri, and now has made her home in Portland, Maine for the last 4 years. She has a passion for community engagement and thrives on involvement & connection with her neighbors. Outside of Cornerstones, she volunteers as a peer support facilitator with The Center for Grieving Children. When she’s not working or volunteering, you can find her adventuring around the coast with her pup Sir Oliver, reading, going to concerts with friends, practicing yoga and meditation, or tending to her houseplants. Sabrina has a BS in Human Environmental Sciences from the University of Missouri and holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

Jason McMichael
Facilities Manager

Jason has been a part of the Cornerstones of Maine team since our humble beginnings in 2016. After working as a Program Coordinator and Residential Advisor, he shifted into the Facilities Manager role. He is a jack of all trades and oversees the grounds of all three residences and our Kennebunk office, ensuring our buildings and equipment are safe and functional. Jason designed, renovated, and opened our Portland residences after successfully managing the facilities at our flagship residence, Fairfield Hill. On top of his operational duties, he is American Red Cross Certified and is a CPR and First Aid trainer for Cornerstones. Jason resides in Kennebunkport, Maine with his wife and three kids where they enjoy organic farming and permaculture. He lives an outdoor lifestyle and can be found surfing, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, and camping in the beautiful state of Maine and beyond. 

Vincent Edwards
Administrative Coordinator

Vincent is an experienced administrator with a passion for supporting teams and helping organizations run smoothly. As the Administrative Coordinator at Cornerstones, he brings a unique blend of marketing, education, and administrative skills to the table. Vincent joined the Cornerstones team in Spring of 2023 from a local non-profit organization in Southern Maine where he assisted in distributing funds for over 300 local businesses during the pandemic. He was originally born in Chicago, raised primarily in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has been living in Portland, Maine for the last 3 years. Vincent is an avid tennis player who enjoys competing in local leagues and challenging himself on the court. He also enjoys watching movies, creating new recipes, and spending time with friends and family.