Application Process

Applying to our young adult therapy program

The Cornerstones of Maine application process is primarily geared toward assessing the applicant’s suitability for our young adult therapy program. If you’re seeking some basic guidelines on determining goodness of fit, please refer to Our Clients page. It’s important to note that we retain the discretion to decline enrollment for any applicant deemed incompatible with the program. Considering the distinctive nature of each application, certain steps detailed below might not be applicable. Below is a description of the steps involved in the application process for our young adult therapy program!

1. Referring Phone Call

young adult therapy program admissions phone call

Initial Evaluation


Once an Admissions Inquiry Form on our Admissions page has been completed, a member of our admissions team will promptly schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with the referring party. This initial interaction typically serves as the primary step in the application process. During this conversation, a Cornerstones of Maine admissions team member engages with the referring party, often an educational consultant, to conduct a thorough assessment regarding the applicant’s compatibility with our program.

2. Review of Supporting Materials

young adult therapy program comprehensive assessment


Thorough Assessment 


Our clinical team reviews pertinent psychological evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, and other paperwork provided to us in support of an individual’s application to the program. 

3. Parent Phone Call

young adult therapy program family phone call admissions process


Family Engagement 


Following the comprehensive documentation review, a phone call or Zoom meeting between a Cornerstones of Maine admissions team member and an applicant’s parents and other sponsor family members is completed. 

4. Provider Phone Call

young adult therapy program treatment team


Treatment Team Discussion


A phone call between a Cornerstones of Maine admissions team member and a recent treatment provider for the applicant, usually a therapist or psychiatrist is completed. 

5. Applicant Phone Call

young adult therapy program applicant



Conversation with Applicant 


A phone call between a Cornerstones of Maine admissions team member and the applicant themselves is completed. 

6. Program Tour

young adult therapy program


Come visit us! 


We schedule a program tour for a client and/or their sponsoring family members if interested. We conduct tours primarily on Mondays, Thursdays, or Fridays. 

Cost & Availability

Program Cost 


Cornerstones is a private pay program and we do not accept insurance. The program cost is $17,000 a month and our fees cover all costs related to setting up the program for a new client. 

While Cornerstones of Maine does not accept insurance, families can still seek reimbursement from their insurance company for Cornerstones services. To aid families in this process, we have partnered with SJ Health Insurance Advocates (SJHIA), a health insurance claims management and advocacy firm which will act as a personal representative to help you navigate the process and maximize your reimbursement. Learn more about the Cornerstones and SJHIA partnership and how it can benefit you.

Availability and Openings 


We will let you know if space is available upon applying to Cornerstones of Maine. Please note that applying to an open bed in the program does not guarantee that the bed will be available if you decide to enroll. We accept ongoing applications for open beds until those spaces are filled. For this reason we will work as expeditiously as we can on our end to complete your application. We recommend that you also work expeditiously through all the necessary steps you will need to finalize a decision to enroll. 

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