West End

young adult residential treatment west end Portland Maine

City living in Portland’s quaint West End neighborhood


Our West End residence is a spacious and beautiful New England home located in the heart of Portland. Tucked in the highly sought-after neighborhood known as the West End district, this residence is within walking distance to Portland’s bustling downtown and public parks. Although classified as a city, Portland is smaller in size and situated on a peninsula making everything easily accessible by walking, biking, utilizing public transportation, or driving a short distance. The West End is structured and staffed the same as The Shaw House, but provides a more immersive community experience, given a client’s ability to walk out the door and access the city around them. Portland is a very progressive and welcoming city, allowing our clients to live and thrive in a much more culturally diverse environment than many areas of Maine. This diversity is reflected not only in the people that inhabit the city, but the different culinary experiences that exist, the shops that are owned by members of the community, and in the flourishing music and art scene. The LGBTQIA+ community in Portland is very safe and welcoming, which is a huge benefit for our population. Job opportunities and apprenticeship opportunities are abundant in Portland. Our clients have been employed in industries such as hospitality, finance, the arts, healthcare, education, and fitness. 

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