Academic & Vocational Support

Our Approach

Supporting academic success is a crucial part of the Life Skills & Academic Success Coaches role at Cornerstones of Maine. Upon enrollment clients work with their assigned coach to begin to identify a future path after graduation from the program. Sometimes this work includes an academic component such as college classes, vocational certifications, or even completing a GED or high school diploma. Once a future goal is identified, the coach then works side by side with the client to find opportunities to begin to work towards that goal. Often, that means taking credit-bearing classes at local colleges and universities. Once registered for a class, our coaches provide our clients with day to day level of support that they need to perform successfully in the class. Moreover, they work with the clients to build the skill set needed for successful performance in these environments after leaving the program.


Our Method

Many of our clients arrive to our program with numerous academic struggles, so our first task is to help them reframe their negative education experiences by aiding them to shift their perception of school from a place of failure to a place where success is possible. We then work with our clients to help them understand the obstacles and difficulties that led to their struggles in the past. Most often we find that these struggles are rooted in executive functioning difficulties, but we also address individual learning styles and effective academic strategies. We also emphasize a commitment to sustained effort and perseverance as the key to success and we ask our clients to take their first step with us by finding one class that truly inspires their interest. Building success in their academic classes while in our program becomes a bridge that clients carry to their future classes, fostering confidence that extends to every area of their life. Our continuing mantra is that educational success is not based on some abstract notion of intelligence, but is built through effort, grit, and commitment. ​

Individualized Academic Planning

At Cornerstones, we support a diverse array of academic & vocational opportunities, including:




How we support



Learning Styles

Identify and implement plans in response to their own individualized learning style 






Academic Strategies

Analyze course materials and syllabi to implement personalized academic strategies such as class participation and study plans







Executive Functioning

Identify the strengths and needs in their executive function and be able to present plans for improving and developing their executive functioning 






Address issues around motivation that may be impairing the client’s success in the academic arena 






Academic Resources 

Identify and access academic resources that could support the client

Local Educational Resources

Southern Maine is home to many academic opportunities with excellent high school, community college, and four-year universities as well as on-line options. Below are educational resources in the Southern Maine area including four-year universities, community colleges, and trade schools.