Interpersonal Growth

Living Together

A core feature of the Cornerstones program is the experience of living with others in a home that simultaneously nurtures independence and community.


The daily routine of our young adult transitional living program was designed to facilitate collaborative living and interpersonal growth. Alongside our work to help our clients develop life skills to support their independence and autonomy, we also work with them to learn to live collaboratively with other young adults. This includes every component of the interpersonal experience from discussing conflicts and struggles to practical aspects, such as dividing chores and household responsibilities. Living with others is an illuminating process that facilitates deep insights into who we are, how we experience others, and the world around us. Through the support of our staff, clients will develop important insights from these experiences. These insights lead to effective interpersonal skills and are a fundamental part of our clinical work.

young adult interpersonal growth

Building Relationships

The development of healthy and meaningful interpersonal relationships is an important milestone for young adults. 


Relationships have been shown to be an integral part of the development of a strong sense of self and greater resiliency. Feeling connected with others promotes brain development, self-esteem, creativity, and success. Neurologists have highlighted the importance of interpersonal relationships on our well-being. The term “integration” is used to describe the physiological and psychological reactions that occur through interpersonal processes. Research suggests that interpersonal processes shape the brain encouraging cognitive flexibility and improving psychological well-being.

young adult building relationships growth

Character Building

The anti-thesis of entitlement 


Clients take part in character-building activities in their greater community such as volunteering. 


Character building encompasses the Cornerstones goal of supporting our clients to recognize the value of community and the importance of working to benefit more than oneself. At Cornerstones we see volunteering as a step towards the goal of practicing stewardship. Stewardship is the antithesis of entitlement and involves developing an appreciation for everything you have been given and a subsequent expansion of one’s sense of responsibility beyond oneself to include their friends, family, community, and environment. It engenders an understanding of how one’s behaviors have a direct or indirect impact both socially and environmentally on the world around them. Incorporating weekly volunteering into our client’s schedules contributes to character-building, personal growth, and positive social change.

Where we volunteer: