Executive Functioning Coaching

Our Approach

executive functioning coachingEmpowering young adults through executive functioning coaching


Improving executive functioning skills is a fundamental aspect of the Cornerstones program. Upon enrollment, most young adults exhibit varying degrees of executive functioning challenges; however, the adaptability of the young adult brain offers tremendous potential for growth. Through personalized executive functioning coaching, our clients set short-term and long-term goals while identifying and addressing obstacles hindering their progress.


Goal-Setting and Personalized Strategies


At Cornerstones, goal-setting empowers our young adults to take charge of their success. Our life skills coaches collaborate with young adults to establish attainable objectives, guiding them through the process of breaking down these goals into manageable steps. Through one-on-one coaching sessions and support from their treatment team, clients navigate challenges by identifying distractions, improving organization, and managing time effectively. This personalized coaching approach focuses on scaffolding strategies to surmount obstacles and foster continual growth.


Integrated Approach for Skill Development


Upon enrollment, our dedicated coaches address each client’s unique executive functioning hurdles, fostering skill development throughout their stay at Cornerstones. Utilizing practical tools like calendars and scheduling systems, young adults at Cornerstones actively engage in refining organizational skills, time management, and strategic planning. Additionally, our holistic and experiential approach integrates executive functioning into daily routines and real world immersion. 


Ongoing Practice and Growth


In conclusion, executive functioning is the foundation of all life skills and is an integral part of the Cornerstones program. Our clients take part in daily intentions group each weekday morning, creating a space for clients to review their schedules with their peers, set goals for the day and week. These practices provide a structured platform for ongoing practice and growth.

Executive Functioning Coaching Domains

executive functioning coaching