An independent living program for young adults

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Our young adult clients come from various backgrounds and settings, including their homes, therapeutic wilderness programs, mental health treatment programs, substance use treatment programs, and therapeutic and traditional boarding school settings. Families often collaborate with educational consultants, psychologists, psychiatrists, and program staff. It is important to note that while we respect these collaborations, we do not require clients to work with an educational consultant. 


At Cornerstones, we specialize in supporting stable and independent young adults who are at a pivotal point in their lives. These individuals are typically transitioning from their homes or intensive treatment programs, seeking a balance between independence while still needing some professional guidance. Our independent living program is a valuable option during this critical phase. Our team provides the necessary support and structure for young adults not yet fully prepared to embrace complete independence. Cornerstones of Maine serves as a stepping stone for young adults, facilitating their journey towards autonomy. 

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independent living program for young adults