Professional Development

Professional Development is the practice of preparing our clients to function successfully in the workplace. This requires a tremendous amount of support in the area of executive functioning, but also requires significant understanding of what it means to both feel and act like a professional. At Cornerstones being a professional means more than simply being a productive worker, it means treating every professional opportunity, no matter how big or small, as something to be appreciated and respected. It also means recognizing that every job offers an opportunity to learn, develop, and grow as a professional. Research shows that professional development and identity begin in childhood, occurring first in the family, where knowledge, representations, and attitudes towards work are communicated. It continues later in school where training continues in the more experiential practice of becoming a professional. Many young adults struggle with professional identity because their current work environments differ greatly from the environments they envision for their future. For example, a young adult expecting to eventually become the CEO of a billion dollar pharmaceutical, struggles to see value in bagging groceries at the local supermarket. But it is in these initial job opportunities that young adults continue the process of learning how to be a professional.

The Cornerstones principles of being a professional:






Reliably sharing both good and bad news with equal candor.






A commitment to excellence through ethical decision-making.






Keeping promises, honoring commitments, meeting deadlines, and refusing to participate in unscrupulous activities. 






Taking responsibilities seriously also demonstrates maturity and the ability to do a job without needing strict supervision. 






Accountability requires a total commitment to the ethical quality of all decisions, actions, and relationships. 

Willingness to learn





Hard skills attained through education are not enough to be a good employee. They are open-minded to new ideas and they share their thoughts and personal insights with the team.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills




Strong communication skills can benefit you in almost every type of job. During your career, you will likely spend a significant amount of time communicating with customers, coworkers, vendors, or managers. 





Teamwork is a requirement in most work settings. Successful collaboration requires excellent communication skills, patience, tolerance, and dedication. 

Every one of the clients at Cornerstones of Maine engages in some form of professional development. This typically includes employment, volunteering opportunities, and internships. Our comprehensive vocational counseling includes training and practice in resume building, interviewing, professional identity development, and job performance. 

Southern Maine draws highly skilled professionals from all over the country who are attracted to the local lifestyle and quality of life. There are countless opportunities to work directly with these individuals to build a skill set or knowledge base around an area of interest. These opportunities build confidence in our clients and provide them with positive mentoring and role models.