Cornerstones psychotherapist Ashley Moore begins ACT Training

August 15, 2022

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or “ACT” (Say it, don’t spell it!) is an experiential approach to therapy that is informed by behavioral, cognitive, and relational frame theories. It is, in short, a very different sort of therapy that makes a fairly surprising statement from the start– we do not wish to change our emotions, and in fact we probably should not try. So what should we do instead? ACT has a lot of ideas about this. We might “De-fuse” from our thoughts, accept our feelings, identify our values, and engage in committed action just to name a few. Ashley is learning how to do just this (and, more importantly, how to walk residents through the process) by studying under Russ Harris, one of the foremost researchers and trainers in the ACT circle. Thus far, Ashley has been soaking in all of the exciting experiential and metaphorical aspects of ACT, and has been using them regularly in sessions with residents. She’s finding that using this approach in therapy yields quick and meaningful results that are sustained over time. Even more importantly, she is in awe of the way that residents enthusiastically engage, and demonstrate a sense of relief and validation, when this approach is utilized. Ashley is thrilled to be training under Russ, and looks forward to learning as much as she can about this values-congruent (for her!) approach to therapy.