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young adult mental healthCornerstones of Maine was designed to meet the needs of young adults as they transition to independence and learn how to take care of their mental health.


Our clients typically have a history of adversity and challenges that require additional direction and support. The majority of our clients arrive at Cornerstones having already worked with mental healthcare providers and in other settings such as residential treatment, wilderness therapy, or intensive outpatient therapeutic programs. Those well suited for our program should arrive ready to engage in professional work and/or attend classes, even if they need scaffolding and support to do so successfully. Our program is specifically designed to meet these needs and provide tremendous opportunities for personal growth, academics, and professional development.


Our clients have worked in a variety of roles specific to their interests. Some examples include serving at local restaurants and coffee shops, apprenticing with mechanics, retail jobs at local clothing stores and bookstores, art museum guides, mentorships with fashion designers, and many more! Our clients are creative and bright young adults who historically have pursued educational tracks in graphic design, creative arts, marine biology, engineering, and other vocational trades ranging from esthetics to carpentry.

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