Changing Tides at Cornerstones

October 02, 2023

In Maine, we are grateful to be located on the coast and to observe the ebb and flow of the tides on a daily basis. It is an opportunity to take a deep breath and appreciate the wonder of nature, the vastness of the ocean, and the metaphors nature can hold for us. The ocean provides us with a steady reminder that though the tides may change, the integrity and beauty of the ocean remain. Over the last few months, our program has made a number of shifts to our programmatic approach along with some restructuring to better support our clients and staff. Like the tides of the ocean, although we change, our fundamental course and mission remain the same. And without further ado, we are excited to share the following newly appointed leadership roles within our organization with our community. 


Clinical Director Eric Beaudoin, Psy.D. moves into Executive Director role 


We are so incredibly excited to announce that Dr. Eric Beaudoin will be assuming the leadership of the Cornerstones of Maine program as he moves into the role of Executive Director. Eric started with Cornerstones of Maine as a post-doctoral intern in the clinical department when the program opened its doors in 2016. From the beginning, he has demonstrated an implicit understanding of the work we do at Cornerstones. His incredible compassion and ability to develop meaningful connections with his clients along with his clinical acumen quickly propelled him into a leadership role in the program as Clinical Director. Now Eric will be tasked with managing the entirety of the Cornerstones of Maine organization alongside our founders, Dr. Jake Gelles and Dr. Josh Altschule. In his new role, Eric will immediately launch himself into training all direct care staff through weekly individual and group supervision. Eric sees supervision as a sacred place for staff to discuss their therapeutic work and professional development. He believes that every staff member at Cornerstones deserves this space, regardless of department or role and is excited to implement supervisions for coaches, residential advisors, and clinicians. Eric is beloved by his colleagues, our clients, and their families. We expect his leadership to continue to help Cornerstones grow into the program its founders envisioned.


Residential Coordinator, Lacee Delorey, moves into Program Manager role


We are also thrilled to announce Lacee DeLorey’s move into the role of Program Manager. We recently said a heartfelt goodbye to Fred Poisson, our Program Manager for the past five years, as he accepted the position of Executive Director at an agency focusing on his life’s passion: peer support. Lacee has been part of the Cornerstones team for over six years and has been relentlessly creative, reliable, effective, and poised in her work and leadership. Much like Eric, Lacee started at Cornerstones early in our operations in 2017 as a residential advisor and has moved quickly into roles of increasing responsibility. We are very excited to have Lacee’s fingers on the pulse of our program. In her role as Program Manager, Lacee will oversee all of the day-to-day functions that are essential for our program’s success such as logistics, staffing, medication tracking, and more. Lacee will also continue facilitating our program’s Sex Positive Education, which she has presented on at multiple professional conferences. Lacee is an incredible organizer of systems and has a profound ability to transform complex processes into easy-to-follow steps for our line staff. She will be an amazing asset to our program in her new role!


Clinical Coordinator, Gwendolyne Tuttle, MSW, LCSW moves into Clinical Director role


Finally, we are enthusiastic to announce that Gwendolyne Tuttle will be moving into the role of Clinical Director. Gwen started at Cornerstones in 2017 as a clinician and has moved up through leadership from Clinical Coordinator and now Clinical Director. She demonstrates an incredible professional presence, empathy, clinical insight, and leadership that has continually elevated our programming and clinical work. In her new role, she will facilitate group and individual supervision, oversee the clinical department, lead parent communication efforts, and assist with consultation and intervention in the milieu. Additionally, she will be collaborating with our Admissions department to provide intake consultations and outreach representation for the clinical department. Gwen is an unparalleled resource not only for our clinical team but our Life Skills & Residential departments as well. We expect our clinical department will reach new heights with Gwen at the helm. 


Please help us celebrate Eric, Lacee, and Gwen as they step into their new leadership roles. We are excited for the positive changes to come and are grateful for the opportunity to support emerging young adults on their journey to independence each and every day!