A Clinically-Driven
Young Adult
Transitional Living Program

Providing educational,
vocational, and
emotional growth

Located in Southern Maine
with professional and academic
real world immersion

Our mission is to help
young adults on their path
towards independence, self reliance,
and autonomy

At Cornerstones of Maine,
We Build Confidence
to Navigate Waves

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The Journey to Independence 


Cornerstones of Maine is one of the most respected young adult transitional living programs in the country. We are a psychologist-owned and operated program based in Southern Maine, assisting 18 to 28-year-old emerging young adults who are struggling to live and function independently. We offer a therapeutic & experiential approach that provides structure and support based on each client’s individual needs. Our program and accommodations welcome all genders and are LGBTQIA+ affirming. The average stay is 9 to 12 months.  


The Cornerstones Model places young adults in collaborative living spaces with supportive professionals based in the milieu throughout the day. Our clients are engaged in real-world activities of daily living, such as working, attending local colleges, and volunteering. Our clients are provided with a comprehensive holistic treatment approach that includes psychotherapy, executive functioning coaching, academic support, health and wellness, and interpersonal growth. The goal and core mission of our program is to help each young adult become successful on their path toward independence, self-reliance, and autonomy. 

For a free consultation with our Admissions Director,

 call us at 1-800-588-6898. 


The Cornerstones program was literally a life-changing program for my daughter. What made the biggest difference to her was being with a group of other young adults and seeing them struggle with issues as well. She began to realize that it was not just her and she didn’t feel alone. From that point, she began to actually tackle the problems that had stopped her from being able to move ahead in life. After being at Cornerstones, she picks herself up after setbacks and keeps going instead of giving up.


Parent Testimonial

I am very grateful for Cornerstones of Maine. The therapists were fantastic and provided the guidance my child needed during a difficult time in life. I also learned how to best support her through the process. The work is hard, but so worth it. Each day I see how grounded and confident she is and how beautifully she continues to grow. It’s the best feeling in the world. Thank you!


Parent Testimonial

Cornerstones of Maine has been a lifesaver for our son and family. The personalized program, weekly conference calls, and unlimited support in psychological, educational, and life skills issues helped us work through our most difficult times. Our son gained independence, and we learned how to communicate more effectively as a family. We can’t thank the dedicated staff enough, and we will always be grateful that we chose Cornerstones!


Parent Testimonial

Cornerstones of Maine offers a safe and productive path for healing and growth for residents. The staff is truly vested in the successful outcome of each person enrolled in their program. I highly recommend Cornerstones! 

Parent Testimonial

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