Cornerstones staff to present at NASW Annual Conference in Maine in October

July 14, 2022

Cornerstones is proud that two of our staff, Lacee DeLorey (pictured left) and Gwen Tuttle (pictured right), will be presenting at the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Annual Conference taking place in October of this year in Maine.


The presentation is entitled, “Frisky Business: The Importance of Comprehensive Sex Positive Education for Emerging Adults”. Lacee and Gwen have previously presented this workshop at the NATSAP Northeast conference in 2021 to resounding success. The workshop is based on Lacee’s sex-positive education curriculum that she has provided to residents at Cornerstones of Maine for the last 4 years. Lacee developed her curriculum based on her many years of experience teaching sex education to adults and through courses she participated in through Planned Parenthood’s Sexual Education Cornerstones Seminar (SECS). Gwen Tuttle has collaborated with Lacee on her sex-positive education curriculum and joined her in the development and presentation of this workshop. Gwen brings her interest in the impact of sex-positive education in the processing and resolution of sexual trauma.

Lacee and Gwen’s Sex Positive Education model seeks to do more than just provide traditional sex education to residents. It is intended to include the therapeutic benefits of reduction of shame and anxiety as well as the promotion of self-care and safety, strengthen self-acceptance, and increase awareness of the experience of others. Incorporation of Sex Positive Education into academic and therapeutic programs supports all individuals, though it is especially crucial for residents who identify as LGBTQ+ as they are a demographic that is typically neglected in this arena. This curriculum is positioned to positively impact clinical work in the areas of trauma, anxiety, and depression. The information covered in Sex Positive Education supports healthy relationships and provides important information to young people about consent and reducing sexual violence. They discuss concepts including enthusiastic consent, forms of protection, and basic anatomy.


Lacee and Gwen are excited to share this important material with the treatment providers of Maine at the National Association of Social Work (NASW). Their hope is to inspire other providers to incorporate sex-positive education into their programs and practice.


Lacee DeLorey is the Residential Coordinator for Cornerstones of Maine. Lacee has been teaching Sex Positive Education for the past 7 years and is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. She is passionate about equal representation and distribution of rights among individuals who are often underrepresented.


Gwendolyne Tuttle is the Clinical Coordinator for Cornerstones of Maine. She has been providing psychotherapy to young adults since 2015 with an emphasis on trauma-informed care. She has a strong interest in Sex Positive Education and how it intersects with treatment for sexual trauma. Gwendolyne is a certified Mentalization Based Therapy Practitioner and is currently in residency in the Doctor of Social Work program at the University of Pennsylvania.