Creativity at Cornerstones: West End Art Club

June 09, 2023

Written by Sabrina Marshall || Business Development Manager, contributions by Rory Nickerson || Life Skills Coach 


Our team is always amazed by the myriad of creative and artistic abilities of the young adults who come to Cornerstones. From painting to pottery to fashion design, their passions are endless and they inspire their peers and staff alike. Life Skills & Academic Success Coach, Rory Nickerson, has created a weekly Art Club at the West End Residence for interested clients to gather and create together.


“Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join-clients and staff! We usually play music and there is some conversation as well as some quiet working time. So far, we’ve done collaging, tie-dying, a client-led sewing tutorial, and a group mural which is pictured here. For future months, clients have mentioned that they would love to do Sculpey creations, rock painting, book decorating, and more client-led projects so they can share their niche passions and talents. It’s important to me that they have autonomy and work together to choose the medium.” says Rory.


The West End Art Club has become a place for building and celebrating relationships, easing anxiety, processing emotions, and expressing creativity. Rory hopes to continue offering Art Group on a weekly basis, and eventually expand this effort to all Cornerstones residences.


Our clients take their creative efforts out into the real world by enrolling in art classes at local colleges and joining community classes at studio spaces. Known as one of the top 10 art towns in the country, Portland is home to Maine College of Art & Design, also known as MECA. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, MECA is within walking distance of our West End & Deering Oaks residences. Our clients have taken part in MECA’s continuing studies classes offered to anyone in the community, as well as enrolled in classes to pursue their Bachelor of Fine Arts. MECA’S BFA program offers an abundance of emphases such as animation, graphic design, photography, painting, textiles, furniture design, and more.


Other community resources and studios Cornerstones clients visit regularly include Portland Pottery Studio, Muse Paint Bar, and Mill Pond Ceramics Studio.

We look forward to seeing what the Cornerstones clients continue to create in Art Club and beyond!