Evan’s professional journey in the young adult therapeutic space began when he was a wilderness field guide in Utah. In this role, he honed his skills in leading and educating in the great outdoors and developed a passion for coaching. He completed two terms with AmeriCorps, working with students aged 6 to 18 in Title 1 public schools, focusing on academics and leadership development. During this time, he also coached a Lego Robotics team, further showcasing his commitment to youth education.


Evan holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Economics and has an impressive array of certifications, including Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Educator, and NOLS Outdoor Educator Semester alumni. His dedication to environmental education is highlighted by his Peace Corps service in Panama, where he focused on environmental education.


Having explored 43 states across the U.S., Evan is deeply connected to the American landscape, though he has yet to venture beyond North America. His extensive travel and diverse experiences reflect his commitment to education, the environment, and adventure.


In his spare time, Evan has a passion for climbing and live music. He also enjoys engaging in ‘type 2 fun’, which involves challenging yet rewarding outdoor activities.