It is with great excitement we welcome Lana back to the team! While in graduate school, Lana had worked at Cornerstones as a residential advisor, but now returns an occupational therapist. Lana’s has served in the mental health field for over a decade with a focus on supporting struggling students with behaviors and emotional needs that were impeding their full potential in the academic arena. These experiences inspired Lana to seek her Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire, so she could further specialize in supporting struggling young people. Since graduating, Lana has supervised other occupational therapy students, while working at a therapeutic equine center and a local hospital. Lana is a strong advocate for the occupational therapy approach, which is to heal through engaging in meaningful activities. 

Occupational Therapy is more than a career for Lana. It is as she calls it, “The golden thread of her life.” A life of service to others runs in Lana’s family. Her grandmother started a center for brain-injured children after giving birth to a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Later in life, her grandmother received occupational therapy after surviving multiple strokes. Her familial experience and heartfelt commitment to improving the lives of others quite naturally led to her pursuing a degree in occupational therapy.  

Lana lives an occupation rich life, filled with sensory modulation activities in nature; such as hiking and cycling with her father and snowboarding with friends. A life long equestrian she enjoys training young horses as well as harnessing their therapeutic presence for others. A Maine native, Lana surfs year round and volunteers in the summer with organizations supporting individuals with various abilities who want to enjoy the ocean.