Cornerstones to present at upcoming Annual Yellowbrick Conference

October 10, 2023

Jacob Gelles, Psy.D. and Joshua Altschule, Psy.D. are honored to have been selected to present at the 2023 Annual Yellowbrick Conference on November 9th in Evanston, Illinois. This one-day event will be offered both in person and virtually. The speakers will be presenting on varying topics covering the many facets and dimensions of psychotherapy. Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion at the end of the day. 


Conference Description

The conference theme is Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Multidimensional Landscape of Psychotherapy. Our founders will be joining thought leaders from the country’s leading mental health centers including Menninger, Huntsman Institute, and Driftwood Recovery


Our Presentation

Jake and Josh will be presenting on Stages of Change: A Psychodynamic Model of Therapeutic Change in Young Adult Residential Treatment. The presentation will utilize psychoanalytic theories to formulate the stages of treatment of young adults in residential therapeutic programs. A longitudinal model is theorized that includes 5 distinct stages with an accompanying examination of the following aspects of each stage: 


  1. The phase of treatment

  2. Emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal manifestations

  3. Unconscious psychodynamics

  4. Therapeutic considerations


Learning Objectives 

  1. Identify some of the unconscious dynamics that emerge during the phases of residential therapeutic treatment.

  2. Explore psychotherapeutic interventions that can be used to achieve a successful residential treatment experience. 

  3. Explore a treatment model that can be extrapolated to other modalities. 


The conference on November 9th will take place from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm at the Yellowbrick Consultation and Treatment Center. You can register in person here and register virtually here