The Significance of CARF Accreditation Standards When Choosing a Treatment Program

January 09, 2024

Our team at Cornerstones of Maine dedicated the past year to pursuing and adhering to CARF accreditation standards. We are delighted to announce our attainment of a Three-Year CARF Accreditation going into 2024! This effort showcases our unwavering commitment to upholding superior service standards at our young adult transitional living program. Furthermore, this recognition proves our dedication to providing a safe, quality-driven environment for successful transitions. By aligning with CARF accreditation standards, we affirm our commitment to delivering the highest level of care, establishing us as a trusted choice for families seeking a transitional living program for young adults.


Understanding CARF Accreditation Standards:


Founded in 1966, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Their mission centers on promoting quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through consultative accreditation processes. Moreover, CARF accreditation demonstrates our compliance with internationally recognized service standards and best practices. Upholding CARF accreditation standards requires ongoing consultations and comprehensive on-site reviews. Furthermore, CARF accreditation assures we value our client’s input, we are accountable to the community, and we are committed to putting the needs of our clients at the center of everything we do.


Highlighting CARF Accreditation Standards:


Following CARF accreditation standards emphasizes our profound dedication to four pivotal commitments: risk reduction, addressing health and safety concerns, honoring individual and cultural preferences, and delivering the highest standard of care possible.


1. Risk Reduction


Within CARF-accredited programs, risk reduction takes center stage. Detailed risk assessment strategies are implemented, focusing on preventive measures and proactive approaches to mitigate potential hazards. Rigorous safety protocols, staff training, and regular assessments are integral to minimize risks and ensure a secure environment for clients, fostering trust and peace of mind.


2. Addressing Health & Safety Concerns


CARF-accredited facilities prioritize health and safety concerns as non-negotiable aspects of their operations. A comprehensive approach encompasses health monitoring, emergency preparedness, and stringent adherence to safety protocols. These measures are tailored to the specific needs of clients. Most importantly, these efforts promote a secure and healthy living environment conducive to growth and well-being.


3. Honoring Individual & Cultural Preferences


Respecting individual and cultural preferences is foundational in CARF-accredited programs. These institutions prioritize personalized care plans that honor diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and preferences. By offering culturally sensitive services and actively involving clients in decision-making, an inclusive and supportive atmosphere is created. These efforts foster a sense of belonging and understanding.


4. Providing the Best Possible Quality Care 


At the heart of CARF accreditation lies an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality care. Accredited programs like Cornerstones of Maine adhere to service standards and best practices. This dedication ensures continual improvement, staff competency, and an environment conducive to supporting client’s well-being and growth. Through ongoing evaluations and feedback, these programs strive for excellence in every aspect of care delivery.


Strengths Recognized During our CARF Survey:


The rigorous CARF preparation process was invaluable, allowing us to identify areas for improvement while also celebrating our achievements. Surveyors highlighted three key strengths at Cornerstones of Maine, among many more! 


1. Intentional Culture 


Surveyors noted our program’s deliberate focus on fostering an intentional culture that nurtures personal growth and lasting positive change. Additionally, this culture was acknowledged for its transformative impact on our young adult clients. Surveyors quoted, “Cornerstones offers a young adult residential treatment program that focuses on building an intentional culture of honesty, trust, commitment, and respect. This innovative model offers young adults opportunities for sustainable change and successful transitions to independence in their communities.”


2. Dedicated and Caring Staff 


Second, the pivotal role played by our dedicated and compassionate staff members was a key highlight of the survey. Surveyors recognized the unwavering dedication and genuine care exhibited by our staff. Surveyors quoted, “Cornerstones demonstrates exceptional coordination of teamwork and competence on a leadership level that organizes and nurtures a supportive environment for clients to embrace life as young, independent adults. It does this partly through its multidimensional treatment approaches of therapy and skill building.” To this end, our staff’s commitment to going above and beyond to support the well-being and progress of each client speaks volumes.



3. Inclusive and Accommodating Facilities 


Finally, recognition was given to our facility accommodations, cementing our commitment to holistic care and individualized support. Our facilities were acknowledged for their well-maintained, clean, and inviting ambiance. Surveyors quoted, “Cornerstones has facilities that are well maintained, clean, and inviting with a facilities manager who ensures an optimum environment of safety for clients and the families who have placed their children into residential care.” This acknowledgment highlights our dedication to providing a space that not only meets but exceeds the needs of our clients. These efforts ensure their comfort and facilitate their journey toward independence.





To conclude, choosing a CARF-accredited treatment program, such as Cornerstones of Maine, ensures a transformative and supportive experience for young adults seeking a successful transition to independent living. Additionally, this accreditation signifies our commitment to excellence, assuring personalized care during this crucial phase in a young adult’s life. To learn more about our program and CARF accreditation, email us at